Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications

Frontiers in Nanoscale Science and Technology
University of Tokyo

March 29-31, 2007


Thursday, March 29

8:00            Registration and refreshments

9:00            Robert M. Westervelt (Harvard)
9:10            Seigo Tarucha (Univ Tokyo)
                    Overview of Workshop
9:20            Don Eigler (IBM)
                    Spin Excitation Spectroscopy with the STM
10:00          Kiyoski Kanisawa (NTT)
                    Imaging Donor States in Semiconductor Structures

10:40          break

11:00         Yu-Ming Lin (IBM)
                    Recent Advances in Carbon Nanotube Electronics: from Device to Circuits
11:40         Kathy Aidala (Mt Holyoke)
                    Imaging Coherent Electron Motion in a Magnetic Field

12:20         buffet lunch

1:20            Kimberely Dick (Lund)
               Growth and applications of epitaxial nanowires
2:00            Ania Bleszynski (Yale)
                    Imaging Few-Electron Quantum Dots in InAs/InP Nanowires

2:40             break

3:00            Friedrich Schaeffler (Linz)
               Material and Spin Properties of Si/SiGe Heterostructures

3:40            Hari Manoharan (Stanford)
                    Quantum Geometry and Phase Extraction

4:20            poster session A with refreshments

Friday, March 30

8:00            Registration and refreshments

9:00            George Bourianoff (Intel)
                    Recent Progress in Beyond Charge based Information Processing
9:40            Jun'ichi Sone (NEC)
                    Nanoelectronics for the future ubiquitous information society

10:20         break

10:40          Hideo Ohno (Tohoku Univ)
                    Control of magnetization in ferromagnetic semiconductors by spin-current
11:20          Yasuhiko Arakawa (Univ Tokyo)
                    Overview of Nanophotonics

11:40          poster session B with buffet lunch

1:40            Mitsuru Sugawara (Fugitsu)  
                    Self-Assembled InAs Quantum-Dot Lasers and Optical Amplifiers for Optical                Communication  
2:20            Satoshi Kako (Univ Tokyo)
                    Advances in Nitride-based Nanophotonic Devices

3:00            break

3:20            Nanoelectronics and Nanophotoinics Special Forum to honor Prof Hiroyuki Sakaki*
3:20            Federico Capasso (Harvard)
                    From Quantum Cascade Lasers to Laser Antennae
4:00            Tsuneya Ando (Tokyo Inst of Tech)
               Physics of graphene and nanotube
4:40            Hiroyuki Sakaki (Univ Tokyo)
               From Si MOSFET'S to Quantum Dots: Recalling my 40 years with Electrons

7:00            Conference Banquet (Floracion Hotel, Aoyama)

* Co-sponsored by NICT: National Institute of Information Communication and Technology

Saturday, March 31

8:30            Registration and refreshments

9:00            Daniel Loss (Univ Basel)
                    Spin Qubits in Solid State Systems: an Overview
9:20            Lieven Vandersypen (Delft)
               Coherent control and read-out of a single electron spin in a quantum dot

10:00          break

10:20          Michel Pioro-Ladriere (ICORP)
                    Towards on-chip electron spin resonance
11:00          Dominik Zumbuhl (Univ Basel)
                     Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Quantum Point Contacts and Quantum Dots

11:40          lunch

1:00            Walt A. de Heer (Georgia Tech)
                    Nanopatterned epitaxial graphene: A new paradigm for nanoelectronics
1:40            Guido Burkard (Univ Basel)
                    Spin qubits in graphene quantum dots

2:20            break

2:40            Jonathan Baugh (Univ Tokyo)
                    Large nuclear Overhauser fields observed in vertically-coupled GaAs double                quantum dots
3:20           Michael Stopa (Harvard)
                   Multi-scale calculation of interacting qubits in a semiconductor quantum dot:                sweet spot in the exchange
4:00           Yasuhiko Arakawa (Univ Tokyo)
                    Closing Remarks



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