Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications

Frontiers in Nanoscale Science and Technology Workshop

Harvard University, May 29-31, 2009

Schedule of Talks

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Friday, May 29

8:00                        Registration / Breakfast

8:50                        Robert Westervelt (Harvard)

9:00                        Seigo Tarucha (Univ Tokyo)
                                Manipulation of Two Individual Electron Spins and Dephasing Problem in                                             Double Quantum Dots Integrated with a Micro-Magnet                                                

9:30                        Michael Stopa (Harvard NNIN)
                                The Zamboni Force: Feedback between Nuclear Inhomogeneity and Electron                                 States in a Double Dot

10:00                      Break

10:30                      Daniel Loss (Univ Basel)
                                Nuclear Spin Ordering in Nanostructures

11:00                      Charles Marcus (Harvard)

11:30                      Jelena Vuckovic ( Stanford)
                                Quantum dots in photonic crystals: from quantum information processing to                                 single photon nonlinear optics

12:00                      Lunch

1:30                        Yasuhiko Arakawa (Univ Tokyo)
                                Light-Matter Interaction in Quantum Dots with 2D and 3D Photonic Crystal                                 Nanocavity

2:00                        Hideo Ohno (Tohoku Univ)
                                Electric-Field Manipulation of Magnetization Direction

2:30                        Break

3:00                        Hiroshi Yamaguchi (NTT)
                                Micro/Nanomechanical Systems Based on Compound Semiconductor                                             Heterostructures

3:30                        Ania Bleszynski Jayich (Yale)
                                Measurements of Persistent Currents in Normal Metal Rings using a                                             Micromechanical Magnetometer

4:00                        Kerry Vahala (Caltech)
                                Cooling and Amplifying Micro-Mechanical Motion with Light

4:30                        Poster Session

6:30                        Banquet at Harvard Faculty Club. Drinks at 6:30, Dinner served at 7:00

Saturday, May 30

8:00                        Registration / Breakfast

8:50                        Opening Comments

9:00                        Phaedon Avouris (IBM Watson)
                                Graphene Electronics and Optoelectronics

9:30                        Sanjay Banerjee (Univ Texas Austin)
                                Graphene Bilayer Pseudospin Field Effect Transistor (BiSFET): a Proposed
                                Ultra-low Power Logic Switch

10:00                     Break

10:30                     Klaus Kern (MPI Stuttgart)
                               Nanoscale Electronic Contacts: from Single Atom Junctions to Graphene Doping

11:00                     Marija Drndic (Univ Pennsylvania)
                               Power Tool at Atomic Scales: Nanosculpting Metals and Graphene with                                             Highly-Focussed Electrons in a Transmission Electron Microscope

11:30                     David Awschalom (UC Santa Barbara)
                               Observation and Control of Single Magnetic Ions in Semiconductors

12:00                     Lunch

1:30                       Lars Samuelson (Lund Univ)
                               Semiconductor Nanowires for Applications in Nanoelectronics and Photonics

2:00                       Frances Ross (IBM Watson)
                               Controlling Si and Ge Nanowire Structures through Real-time Growth Studies

2:30                       Koji Ishibashi (RIKEN)
                               Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots and Nanostructures

3:00                       Break

3:30                       Gary Harris (Howard Univ)
                               Nanowire Growth

4:00                       Masashi Kawasaki (Tohoku Univ, RIKEN)
                               Quantum Interface of Oxide Semiconductors

4:30                       Shriram Ramanathan (Harvard)
                               (De)-Constructing Oxygen Vacancies in Thin Film Oxides and Superlattices

5:00                       Poster Session

Sunday, May 31

12:30                      Registration

1:00                        Christopher Palmstrom (UC Santa Barbara)
                                Epitaxial Semi-Metal Nanostructure/Compound Semiconductor                                              Composites

1:30                        Pierre Petroff (UC Santa Barbara)
                                Voltage Tunable THz Absorption and Optical Properties of a Novel Self                                              Assembled Nanostructure

2:00                        Val Zwiller (Delft)
                                Quantum Optics with Nanowires and Quantum Dots

2:30                        Break

3:00                        Michal Lipson (Cornell)
                                Silicon Photonics: The Optical Spice Rack

3:30                        Evelyn Hu (Harvard)
                                Microdisk Resonators in Polar and Non-Polar GaN

4:00                        Marko Loncar (Harvard)
                                Nanophotonics Platform for Quantum Information Processing in Diamond


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